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한국식품영양학회지_논문 게재(2020년 8월호, 33(4), p363-371)

작성자 : 권태형 작성일 : 2020-12-07 11:18:45 조회수 : 1200


Improvement in Exercise Endurance by Hovenia dulcis Fruit Hot Water Extract in Mice




2020 8 월호 , 33(4), p363-371


This study was designed to evaluate the improvement in exercise endurance by Hovenia dulcis fruit hot water extract (HDWE) for the potential application as a functional food material. The effect was based on the evaluation of the forced-swimming capacity and changes in biochemical parameters in mice. Six-week-old mice were classified into four groups based on a randomized block design: the negative control group, the HDWE 50 mg/kg body weight group, the HDWE 200 mg/kg body weight group, and the 1-octacosanol 50 mg/kg body weight group (n=8 mice per group). The swimming exercise time in the HDWE-50 group was increased at 545±43 sec compared to the control group at 263±28 sec. The HDWE-200 fatigue indicators, lactate acid and ammonia content, decreased to 4.99±0.33 mg/mL and 0.63±0.05 mg/mL, respectively. In addition, the content of glycogen in the liver and muscle tended to increase in the group administered HDWE but was not significant. Likewise, the LDH and glucose contents were increased compared to the control group. The muscle damage indicators ALT (52.7±2.6 U/L) and AST (42.5±5.2 U/L) tended to decrease compared to the control group (76.4±10.2 U/L).